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Degree Programme

The studies in a Degree Programme are degree oriented. At EVTEK there are in total 18 Degree Programmes in the three fields of study. Some Degree Programmes are divided into specialisation options.

Study Module

Study modules are extensive, objective oriented study units that specialise in a professional field and its development.

Study Unit

Study unit is the basic structural and contentual unit of the studies. The aims of a study unit are specified and may contain studies in different forms. Study units may be compulsory, elective or optional. The workload of a study unit is measured in credit points.


ECTS, European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, is a student-centred system. It is based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of the programme.

Credit Points, ECTS Credits

ECTS is based on the agreement that 60 credits equal the workload of full-time studies during one academic year. The student workload in a full-time study programme in Europe amounts in most cases to 36-40 weeks per year and one credit stands for 24-30 working hours. Workload refers to the time during which an average learner is expected to complete the required learning achievements.

Study Plan

A study plan is a presentation of the goals and measures of a degree programme or a part of it, according to which the implementation of the education will be planned. Study plans can be seen on the Internet, OVI portal and in the libraries of the units.

Individual Study Plan (ISP)

Individual study plan refers to the studies the student has chosen in the frames of the curriculum and/or the studies to be completed as agreed with the head of degree programme.

Exam and Resit

The student has right to participate in two resits after the exam arranged after the study unit has ended.

Maturity Test

For the polytechnic degree the student must write a maturity test in the subject field of the Bachelor’ Thesis. The maturity test will demonstrate the student’s familiarity of the field of study and proficiency in the Finnish language.

Bachelor’s Thesis

At the end of the studies the students will complete their Bachelor’s Thesis (15 credit points) and a possible project connected to it.

Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement is a document attached to the higher education degree certificate. It provides a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the degree certificate. The Diploma Supplement provides transparent information and facilitates the academic and professional recognition of educational and professional qualifications (degrees, grades, diplomas etc.).


Student interface of the WinhaPro student administration programme through which the students can follow their studies.


Ovi-Portal is the EVTEK intranet system. It is a door to the information and services on EVTEK network. All the course descriptions, their implementation, timetables and general information can be found through the portal. Also the learning material and assignments of a study unit can be found through the portal in one place. All study units offered at EVTEK and up-to-date content descriptions of the study units can be browsed through the portal. Teachers can send notices and messages to a chosen group and the students access their own email through the portal. Also the Winha student administration programme, home directories and some network learning programmes can be accessed though the portal.