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The field of the School of Business Administration is social sciences, business and administration. The value of business skills has increased alongside with technical know-how, especially now when the operating environment of the companies has become more international. The new ideas created by research and development work must be commersialised into products and services which will meet the customers’ requirements in the global market.

The School of Business Administration educates experts with extensive business know-how how. The aim is also to develop the students’ critical thinking and power of deduction. Communication and negotiation skills as well as cooperation and teamwork skills, in addition to commercial and problem solving skills, are important elements of business skills. The content of the studies, teaching methods and learning environment are developed so that the students will be trained in substance management as well as in business skills. They will learn the fundamental questions in business life and the operation methods in international market.

The education also gives the foundation for entrepreneurship and new know-how. Entrepreneurship is supported by providing the students with an opportunity to strengthen their identity as an entrepreneur and abilities to work as an independent expert entrepreneur. An expert entrepreneur has the basic know-how of entrepreneurship and also the know-how of the specialisation field. An expert understands the principles of business functions and thus can find answers to most problems in working life. When needed, he is able with his working organisation to create new knowledge needed in problem solving.

The School of Business Administration has three degree programmes, two of which are English

o        On successful completion of the Degree Programme in Economics and Business Administration the students will receive a Tradenomi degree which is equivalent to Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

o        In the European Business Administration degree programme (EBA) the students complete part of their studies either in England or in Holland and receive also the degree of the country in question in addition to the degree from EVTEK.

§      The University of Wolverhampton as partner: the students receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from EVTEK and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the British University

§      INHOLLAND University Diemen as partner: the students receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from EVTEK and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Holland.

o        European Management degree programme (EM) is implemented in cooperation with the University of Lincoln and the students will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Art (Hons) degree from the British University.


The School of Business Administration has one Master’s Degree Programme


EVTEK’s Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence prepares students for a life as professionals and managers. The degree, which gives the title of Master in Business Administration, was composed to serve the needs of life-long learning. The general goal of the Master’s degree at universities of applied sciences is to provide students with sufficient knowledge and skills required in advanced tasks in working life. A central specific goal is to provide companies with change agents, which can function as initiators for improvement.