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Innoplaza brings together innovative students and business experts


Within Innoplaza you can study, develop new business ideas and create innovations within a completely new environment. Innoplaza is a forum that enables students from different backgrounds and educational disciplines to jointly develop potential business plans which can finally be realised as new business activities.

Innoplaza was created by all of the Polytechnics located within the capital region. Both in-house and external experts in entrepreneurship will be available to students within Innoplaza.

Target group

Innoplaza is a great opportunity if you want to test the viability of your idea or business concept. You might also have interests in establishing your own company and Innoplaza is just the place to develop these ideas further with people of similar interests.

Innoplaza offers places to 40 students at a time and participation is free of charge.


At Innoplaza you will get the opportunity to deepen your innovation know-how, and you will receive training, advice and guidance in devising a business plan. Innoplaza can be part of your studies as a module of 15 ECTS, which is made up of three subject areas. In the first, you will become acquainted with how ideas are developed into innovations and business activities. Themes comprising the second
area are customer orientation, competitiveness and marketing. The third subject area covers questions related to economics and finance.

Students participating in Innoplaza can additionally select courses from any polytechnic in the metropolitan area to supplement their study program.


The next application period for the Innoplaza module will be in spring 2008 and the module begins in autumn 2008.


Innoplaza projects require flexibility, as a major part of its gatherings and training sessions are likely to be outside your own educational institution and as well as outside usual study times. The studies also include virtual or distance learning elements.


Ask for application instructions from your own polytechnic’s Innoplaza contact person. The selection for Innoplaza is made based on personal interviews. The aim is to include students from different
disciplines who are able to combine their diversified knowledge and find new solutions by working innovatively.

Participating in Innoplaza requires commitment to its targets and shared objectives from each chosen participant.

More Information

Daryl Chapman,, tel. 020 755 3571
Tarja Saarinen,, mobile 050 546 2095

Timo Riikkilä,, mobile 0400 178 299