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Specialisation Studies

Specialisation studies are based on a polytechnic degree and they lead to professional postgraduate degrees. They can also be other extensive continuing professional education programmes.

The specialisation studies aim to respond to the changes in working life and to educational needs of adults. Polytechnic or vocational college graduates who have gained work experience and who wish to deepen, broaden and develop their know-how can apply to these studies. The studies will be completed alongside working, the contact hours are arranged in the evenings and sometimes on weekends. The specialisation studies are taught in Finnish.

Specialisation Studies 2007-2008

Istitute of Technology

  • Automation Technology
  • Media Technology 
  • Telecommunication Technology
  • Building Services Engineering

Institute of Technology and School of Business Administration

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Software Business

Business Administration

  • Management Accounting
  • Strategic Accounting

Specialisation Studies taught in English

  • Mobile Programming

The education is subsidised by the Ministry of Education and the students are charged 160 €. The students pay also for their learning material. Application forms for this education can be found on the home pages of the fields of study.

More Information

Institute of Technology
Anne Lahti
tel. +358 20 7553 775

School of Business and Administration
Suvi Ollikainen
tel. +358 20 7553 776