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Optional Language Studies at EVTEK

At EVTEK it is possible to study several languages in addition to the obligatory languages. The studies of many languages can be started also from basic level. It is advisable to start the language studies as early as possible so that the studies required by the degree will be completed in time and the languages can be studied further if so desired.

The level of the studies should be chosen to suit the students’ language skills, but however, the chosen course should offer adequately challenging studies and new skills. It is advisable to concentrate on a few carefully chosen languages and to study them at least 6 credit points. The languages can be chosen for example on the basis of a later exchange period or on the basis of language requirements of the studied field.

Optional study units offered change yearly. The study unit descriptions for optional language studies can be found on the OVI-Portal. Groups will be formed according to the number students registered for the study units. The minimum  group size is 15 students. The basic selection includes basic and advanced level study units in Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Estonian, advanced conversation courses in English and Finnish for foreigners on different levels. Place and time for these courses can be found on EVTEK net pages. Registration for these courses is made through WinhaWille before the beginning of the academic year.