in English


In most cases assessment of the study units follows the table below:

excellent   5  
very good  4  
good  3  
very satisfactory  2  
satisfactory  1  
fail  0 

EBA/EM PROGRAMMES                                         

100  A16  
99-95  A15
94-90  A14

89-85  B13  
84-80  B12
79-75  B11

74-70  C10  
69-65  C9
64-60  C8

59-55  D7
54-50  D6
49-45  D5

44-  E4

A study unit can be graded as accepted only after all the parts (project work, exercises, exams etc.) included in the course description have been completed and approved. Students are entitled to the information concerning the application of the assessment criteria of their study attainment.  The students can see the grading of their study units in WinhaWille.

In the University of Applied Sciences students can try to upgrade the grade of a study unit once.