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What is Ovi-Portal?

Portal opens a door to all information and services available on EVTEK network, focusing on supporting contact teaching. All the course descriptions, their implementation, timetables and general information can be found through the portal. Also the study material and assignments can be found there.

Through the portal the student can browse all the courses offered at EVTEK and their up-to-date content descriptions. Teachers can send notices and messages to a chosen group. The students can access their own email through the portal. There is also a personal calendar which is updated automatically with timetable information.  Also the Winha administration system can be directly accessed through the portal.

Using the Ovi-Portal

The Ovi-Portal is easy to use and does not require any new IT skills. The portal opens up in the Web browser after the user has typed in personal user ID and password. All information and programmes are now available without signing in to different application programmes separately.

The user interface of the Ovi-Portal displays only the content that is relevant to a specific group (students, teachers, and administration):

The users will be trained to use the portal.