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These instructions are based on EVTEK Degree Regulations, section 19.

1. Students can receive credit transfer in two ways: by crediting studies or by substituting studies

Crediting studies means that the student has completed studies in corresponding field and level at another institution and that these studies can be included in EVTEK degree as such. These study units cannot substitute EVTEK study units but they can be added to the student’s curriculum and the original name of the study unit will be used.

Substituting studies means that the student has earlier completed a study unit that corresponds to a study unit in EVTEK curriculum in its level, content and extent. In this case the student will receive the credits of this EVTEK study unit on basis of the study unit completed earlier. The name of  EVTEK study unit will be used.

2. Credit transfer in the Degree Certificate

The credited and substituted study units will be stated in the Degree Certificate. If the study unit has comprised several parts only the final grade will be mentioned in the Degree Certificate.

Only those study units that are completed in another Finnish polytechnic are accepted in EVTEK Degree Certificate with their original grading. Studies from other institutions than Finnish polytechnics are recorded without grading; abbreviations H=pass, K=substituted are used.

Credited studies
Credited studies are usually included in the optional studies and the original name of the study unit will be used.

Substituted studies
A study unit in EVTEK curriculum will be marked as substituted on the basis of the previously completed study unit.

3. How to apply for credit transfer

Credit(s) for earlier studies must be applied during the first study term. Transfer students must apply for credits for earlier studies when their start their studies at EVTEK.

When applying for credit transfer, the student must show that the conditions for crediting or substituting of studies will be filled. The student must always show certified copies of the studies completed elsewhere. The student is also obliged to provide documentation of the content, extent and level of the earlier studies. Additionally, when applying to substitute a course, the student must provide documentation of the course description.

There are three different application forms for credit transfer. The forms are available at the Student Affairs Offices.

• General Credit Transfer Application form(one substituted/credited study unit per form)
• Individual Study Plan (ISP) form for those students who have a large number of earlier study units to be credited (for example students in adult education and transfer students)
• Student Exchange Credit Transfer form (for studies completed in student exchange).


1. The application and its attachments stating the study units and their descriptions will be delivered to the Student Affairs Office. Applications will be recorded and sent to the Director of the Degree Programme. Incomplete applications will not be handled.

2. The Director of the Degree Programme makes the decision on the matter (if necessary forwards the application to teacher for statement) and returns the application to the Student Affairs Office.

3. At the Student Affairs Office the decision will be recorded in Winha and the application and its attachments will be filed. If the application is rejected, the Student Affairs Office will send a copy of the decision to the student.

4. Decision

The decision concerning crediting studies can be made after it has been confirmed that the studies completed elsewhere correspond the level of EVTEK studies and that they can be included in EVTEK degree.

The decision concerning substituting studies can be made after it has been confirmed that the earlier studies correspond to EVTEK study units in their content, extent and level. This requires adequate documentation of the studies completed elsewhere.

The student may be required to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the subject. This can be done for example by a written or an oral test or by an assignment. The teacher in charge will decide which arrangement will be used. The test or assignment will be graded and the grade will be stated in the Degree Certificate.

The decision concerning crediting work placement with corresponding work experience can be made after it has been confirmed that the requirements set for the work placement have been met. Each field of study may have their own requirements and these principles will be applied also when substituting work placement.

5. The minimum extent of studies to be completed at EVTEK

The minimum amount of studies that should be completed at EVTEK is 30% of the studies and Bachelor’s Thesis as a whole. Bachelor’s Thesis cannot be substituted or credited. Work Placement can be recorded as completed on the basis of suitable work experience.

6. Finnish students can apply for credit transfer on the basis of leadership or instructor training in the Finnish Defence Forces

Credit transfer on the basis of leadership or instructor training in the Finnish Defence Forces:

• leadership and instructor training  at NCO School  4 credits
• leadership and instructor training at Reserve Officers’ School 6 credits
Only Finnish military service will give credits.

7. Studies completed abroad

Studies completed at higher education institutions abroad can be credited in EVTEK degree or they can substitute corresponding EVTEK studies. However, it should be noted that

a. the additional value of the studies completed in a foreign culture is taken into consideration when approving substitution of studies
b. studies based on international agreements and on EVTEK’s own cooperation agreements will be considered according to these agreements.


8. Restrictions concerning credit transfer 

• As a general rule, study units completed more than ten years ago will not be accepted
• Studies that give eligibility to polytechnics cannot, as a main rule, be credited in the degree and they cannot substitute studies in EVTEK curriculum.  Therefore, for example upper secondary school studies, further vocational education or specialist vocational education studies can substitute EVTEK studies only in special cases and the student must show his/her know-how on the subject with an exam or an assignment.
• Master’s Degree students can only apply for credit transfer from studies conducted after Bachelor’s Degree.
• The Master’s Thesis cannot be substituted or credited. It may be possible to use the earlier research material, but in these cases the viewpoint must be different from the earlier thesis.
• If a student applies to substitute a theoretical study unit with work experience he/she must always demonstrate his/her knowledge for example by an exam or assignment.
If students complete studies elsewhere while studying at EVTEK, they should beforehand make sure whether these studies can be accepted in their degree.


9. Rectification requests

Correction requests are addressed to the Student Appeal Board of the field in question. The request must be made within 14 days from the receipt of the decision.