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Health Care

Students can use the public health nurse's services for health care and incase of illness - in confidentiality and without charge. In matters concerning the studies, the nurse can also make an appointment to the student health care doctor (Myyrmäki and Leppävaara units). Treatment of illnesses and dental care is provided by the student's own health center.

At Leppävaara unit, Nurse Annika Aaltonen is in room 0.101, 0 floor. Reception hours are Mon, Tue and Thu 8-16. Her telephone number is +358 20 7553 922 or +358 50 347 2695, email or

Merja Pehkonen, the Nurse at Myyrmäki unit, is in room 232, 2nd floor. Reception hours are on the door and on the notice boards. Her telephone number is +358 20 7553 963 or +358 400 974 320, email or

At Tikkurila unit, Nurse Satu Hartman's reception is Mon-Fri 8-14 in Laurea building, Ratatie 22. Her telephone number is +358 400 976 726 and email Reception hours without appointment are Mon-Fri 11:45-12:30.