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Kolmirauta is the student association of EVTEK University of Applied Sciences. It was founded in 1998 to represent all EVTEK students and to supervise their interests.

Kolmirauta is a student’s service and interest organisation that offers the students for example advice in difficult study situations, tutor training and organises leisure time activities such as freshmen parties. A member of Kolmirauta will receive a student card that entitles to student meals, discount in train and bus fares and also to other discounts for students.

Kolmirauta has student representatives in different EVTEK organs; in EVTEK Board, Student Financial Aid Committee of EVTEK and in Appeal Boards. In these organs Kolmirauta representatives are equal in decision making and thus they can serve the interests of EVTEK students. Kolmirauta is a member of the Union of Finnish Polytechnic Students - SAMOK ry.

The highest decision-making body is the Student Body of Representatives which is elected autumns for a calendar year. If you stand as a candidate in the election of the Student Body of Representatives you may have a chance to influence on Kolmirauta's activities and opinions. Also by voting you can influence – it is not at all insignificant who will make the decisions for you.

Pauliina Kervinen,, is the chairman in year 2007. Kolmirauta has also a full time worker, secretary general,

More information on Kolmirauta:, email or tel. +358 20 7553 644. You can contact us for example when Kela’s instructions concerning the student financial aid are not understandable or when your study achievements are not updated.

It is important that you will join Kolmirauta – the larger our number is, the louder is our voice.