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Internal communications

Info-tv and OVI Portal bulletins

The Info-tv and the bulletins of the OVI Portal inform about important current affairs that affect a large number of people. It may concern exceptional opening hours of a library or the Student Affairs Office, or cancellation of lessons. Notices running on the Info-tv are displayed as bulletins in the OVI Portal.

Bulletins are shown to all portal users and they have been divided by unit. Users can see all the bulletins intended for the unit on their front page.

Bulletins in the OVI Portal

Bulletins in the portal are intended for large target groups or specific groups within in the portal.  Student groups defined in the portal include:
- all students
- students of a specific field
- students of a specific degree programme
- students of a specific intake group.

Users can select the groups the messages of which they wish to have displayed. A new bulletin can be posted by any portal user. Bulletins must be related to work or study. Either leave your own name in the From field or enter the name of a group under which the message is sent.

When a bulletin is sent to students of a specific field, degree programme or intake group, it will be visible in the portal immediately upon sending. However, when a bulletin is sent to all students, it will be visible in the portal only after the webmaster has accepted it. The webmaster accepts bulletins on a daily basis. A bulletin is rejected if

- it is aimed at the wrong user group
- there is no sender information or signature
- it is inappropriate.

If a webmaster rejects or deletes a bulletin, the sender of the bulletin will be notified, if known.

OVI Portal document directory

The document directory contains guides and forms for students. The documents are grouped by theme.

OVI Portal discussion forum

The OVI Portal discussion forum is grouped by theme. Opinions can be aired relatively freely. The webmaster monitors the discussions and removes or modifies provocative or inappropriate messages when necessary. You can also post messages on the discussion forum that cannot be published on other forums, such as buy and sell notices and messages concerning leisure time activities. There is a group for each of these on the forum. You can request the webmaster to create a new category on the forum. 

Notice boards

The notice boards are used to inform students about current affairs. Students can put up their own notices on the appropriate notice boards. Notices must always contain a date, and users must remove their own notices once they are no longer valid. The caretakers are responsible for the common notice boards and for keeping them tidy. Caretakers may remove notices that are no longer valid or contain no date.