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EVTEK University of Applied Sciences is one of the most international universities of applied sciences in Finland. Promoting internationalisation is an important part of the strategy of EVTEK. The five international degree programmes, the student and teacher mobility, work placement abroad and also various projects play an essential role in the international activities at EVTEK. In addition the abundant teaching in foreign languages, international degree students, foreign lecturers and exchange students create an authentic international atmosphere at EVTEK. The cooperation with universities and institutions of higher education all over the world makes it possible for more than 200 students of EVTEK to get the chance to study and/or do work placement abroad every year.

EVTEK participates actively in the following programmes: Lifelong Learning Programme, Nordplus, Leonardo da Vinci, Finnish National Network of Polytechnics for East and Southeast Asia, and UNEVOC (The International Project on Technical and Vocational Education of UNESCO).

The working life and the markets are becoming increasingly internationalised and the society more multicultural. This means that, as a part of professional skills, readiness to act in international and multicultural environments of the working life today is needed. The international experience offers tools for both international and other job opportunities.

The most effective way to gain international experience is to study and/or do work placement abroad. The skills and knowledge gained from the studies and work placement abroad are highly appreciated by the employers in general. An extensive period of studies or work placement abroad tells about the capabilities of the student of making it on his/her own, working in a team, adapting to new situations, meeting new challenges and that he/she has a positive and open attitude. The time spent abroad might help the student to stand out favourably from the other candidates who have the same degree when applying for a job.

Travelling is a mind-expanding experience but studies and/or work placement abroad offer an opportunity to learn more about a foreign country and its culture and to improve practical language skills as well. An extensive period abroad offers also a chance to make contacts for the future which may be useful both on a personal and a professional level. In addition living abroad enhances social, survival and life skills, increases self-knowledge and gives self-confidence, improves tolerance and the ability to understand foreign cultures.

Student can gain international experience also at EVTEK through participating in Internationalisation at Home. EVTEK has five international degree programmes in which language of instruction is English. Over 270 international degree students who represent more than 50 different nationalities study at the EVTEK every year. In addition to the international degree students there are almost 160 exchange students from the partner institutions of higher education from all over the world every year. The international student tutoring activities not only offer the opportunity to initiate the foreign students into our country but also the opportunity to get to know people and their cultures. EVTEK offers also the opportunity to participate in courses in foreign languages and in versatile foreign language studies. Other methods of the Internationalisation at Home are, among other things, work placement in an international company in Finland and the making of the Bachelor’s thesis together with international student.

The following sections hopefully will give you useful and inspiring indeas to enhance your international skills. International experience is mind-expanding and creates new opportunities!

Liisa, Eija, Tiina and Kaija
International Office

Information in the following sections applies to the academic year 2007-2008. Information can be subject to changes.