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Building services designs and builds functional and safe living and working environments with the help of the latest IT and environmentally friendly technologies.

An engineer graduated from this Degree Programme is employed in expert duties in building services, in environmental technology and in the related fields. Typical jobs descriptions are for example design, implementation, operation and maintenance duties in the field of building in Finland and abroad, research, product development and marketing duties in HVAC and in electrical engineering.

The job title can be for example electrical or HVAC designer, project manager, work manager, building services supervisor, environmental protection inspector or building inspection engineer.

Goals of the Degree Programme

The aim of the education is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills required in this field as well as the capability and motivation to follow the development of the field and motivation to life-long learning. The emphasis is on learning both HVAC and electrical engineering, although the students graduate according to their specialisation field as HVAC engineers, electrical engineers, or HVAC and building services (production based) engineers. An engineer graduated from this Degree Programme is employed in expert duties in building services, in environmental technology and in related fields. The engineer is also prepared to work in international environment.


In the specialisation fields of planning based HVAC engineering and in Electrical and IT Engineering in Buildings the theoretical studies are advanced enough to qualify the engineers to work for example in demanding planning and product development duties of their field, or in engineering duties in related fields.

During the first two study years the students complete the basic studies and those professional studies that cover the basics of the whole field of HVAC and electrical engineering.

During the last two study years, in the specialisation studies, the studies concentrate mainly on advanced study units of the chosen field. The professional studies contain three compulsory study modules according to the specialisation field and one elective module.

In the production based HVAC engineering, the studies aim to cover theoretical entities as well as the practical engineering duties, such as project management and supervisory duties and the design of customary systems in building services.

Specialisation Fields

 HVAC Engineering, planning based (HVAC)
 Electrical and IT Engineering in Buildings (E)
 HVAC Engineering, production based (PB)

The main professional study units in planning based HVAC technology are related to air conditioning, energy production and distribution, construction automation, and sanitary engineering and refrigeration technology.

Central professional study units in Electrical and IT Engineering in Buildings are related to distribution of electricity, lightning, electronics and to various information systems in buildings, and to energy management of HVAC systems.

In production based HVAC Engineering the study areas are for the most part the same as in the planning based HVAC Engineering. In addition to the building services studies also communication, presentation and human realtions skills are emphasised.

Additionally, it is possible to include cadastral economics and maintenance in the studies in every specialisation field.

Practical Training and Bachelor’s Thesis

The degree requirements contain 20 weeks (30 credit points) practical training, which is in most cases completed during summer.

The production based HVAC Engineering contains a learning through work period (30 credits) in addition to the practical training.

More information on practical training:

The Bachelor’s Thesis is an extensive research, design or survey project that is in most cases written on a subject field given by the industry.

Contact Information

Olli Jalonen
Head of the Building Services Engineering Degree Programme
tel. +358 02 7553 828

Hanna Sulamäki                                                                                                                 Teacher in Charge, HVAC engineering
Production Based Specialisation Field                                                                                          tel. +358 02 7553 834                                                                                                                                                                        

Tuulaliina Asumalahti                                                                                      Training Coordinator / Building Services Degree Program                                                                 tel. +358 20 7553 831